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Management Philosophy

Environment-friendly products provide everyone with a better world and improve the quality of life.

Although chemical solutions help our company, the goals and values of Ecofine increase environment-friendly energy.

Our goals and values...

We are an honest enterprise that aims to create a more diverse, beneficial, and cleaner world with environment-friendly products.

We create the future of an environment-friendly industry with innovation through changes.


  • We clearly recognize who the customers are and identify specific information on customer needs.
  • We identify problems from the customer’s viewpoint and look for multifaceted solutions in a prompt and proactive manner.
  • We improve the overall quality of services in order to be able to provide customers with differentiated values and satisfaction.


  • We do not simply follow the existing methods of work. We always strive for improvement with a fresh perspective.
  • We are not afraid of failure and challenge with confidence by setting enterprising goals.
  • We courageously push forward with willpower and persistence until the set goals are accomplished.


  • We find our shortcomings and work on overcoming them. We take interest in fields other than our fields of work and study them.
  • With the willingness to study, we strive to apply the information acquired through continuous efforts for self-development.
  • We actively pursue personal goals for growth with a passion for development into a professional.


  • We understand individual experiences, styles, and work methods and respect each individual’s values.
  • We share the information and knowledge required to carry out the task with members and take the initiative to cooperate.
  • We clarify each role. We think about what effect our job has and do not pass on responsibilities to others.

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